PencilsOur Programs 

Students interested in pursuing a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition must complete EDPY 500 (Introduction to Statistics) or equivalent as a pre-requisite and a minimum of seven three-credit courses, including the following three required courses: EDPY 501 (Introduction to Research Methods), EDPY 505 (Quantitative Methods I; formerly titled EDPY 505 Advanced Univariate Statistics), and EDPY 507 (Measurement Theory I; formerly titled EDPY 507 Test Theory). In addition, student must complete at least four three-credit courses related to their area of specialization and a thesis. We offer both a part- and full-time M.Ed. program.

Students interested in pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition must complete a minimum of seven three-credit courses including the following four: EDPY 605 (Quantitative Methods II; formerly titled EDPY 605 Multivariate Statistics), EDPY 607 (Measurement Theory II; formerly EDPY 508 Item Response Theory), and two of EDPY 604 (Mixed Methods Approaches to Educational Research), or EDPY 610 (Doctoral Seminar in Cognition and Learning), or EDPY 615 (Program Evaluation) . The remaining three three-credit courses are determined by the student's interests. Normally, coursework is completed by the end of Year 2.  Following the completion of a first-year probationary period and coursework, the student must pass an Oral Candidacy Examination prior to writing and defending a dissertation. We offer only a full-time Ph.D. program.

Student Funding

CRAME provides financial support for its graduate students, whenever possible. Funding opportunities include research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and consulting internships. Students are also encouraged to apply for university and provincial scholarships as well as national scholarships through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Employment Opportunities

CRAME graduates have many employment opportunities. Our graduates are employed at both private and public institutions throughout the world. Moreover, all of our graduates, to-date, have found employment in the area of educational measurement and evaluation. Our graduates are employed as professors and research associates in publicly-funded universities and government testing agencies (e.g., Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario; Student Evaluation Branch, Alberta Learning in Edmonton, Alberta; University of Tansania; Learner Assessment, Government of South Africa). Our graduates are also employed at privately-funded testing companies (e.g., CTB/McGraw-Hill in Monterey, California; Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey). These employment opportunities tend to be available for students at the M.Ed. (Master of Education) and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) levels, although a Ph.D. is now required for some positions.

CRAME invites qualified students to apply. The application deadlines are available on the Department of Educational Psychology website.