OkanBulutDr. Okan Bulut
Assistant Professor
(PhD,  University of Minnesota, 2013)
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Research Interests: Educational measurement and psychometrics, focusing on unidimensional, multidimensional, and explanatory item response modeling, computerized adaptive testing, differential item functioning and measurement invariance, technology-enhanced assessment, and external factors affecting student learning such as technology use in classrooms.

DamienCormierDr. Damien C. Cormier
Assistant Professor
(PhD,  University of Minnesota, 2012)

Research Interests: Educational and psychological assessment, applied psychometrics, with a particular focus on measuring human cognitive abilities (i.e. cognitive processes, intelligence) and academic achievement (i.e. learning). Secondary areas of interests include: technological advancements in the assessment of student performance (e.g. automated essay scoring, computer adaptive testing) and quantitative methods.

YingCuiDr. Ying Cui
Associate Professor
(PhD,  University of Alberta, 2007)

Research Interests: Educational measurement and evaluation; cognitive diagnostic assessment; research design and applied statistical methods.

ToddRogersDr. Mark J. Gierl
Professor, Director, and MEC Coordinator
Canada Research Chair in Educational Measurement
(PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1996)
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Research Interests: Educational and psychological measurement, focusing on differential item and bundle functioning; cognitively diagnostic assessment; assessment engineering;  unidimensional and multidimensional item response theory.

Jacqueline LeightonDr. Jacqueline P. Leighton
Professor and Registered Psychologist
(PhD, University of Alberta, 1999; PDF, Yale University, 2001)
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Research Interests: Educational assessment with an emphasis on the development and validation of assessments designed to measure higher-order processes such as reasoning and problem-solving, cognitively-based tests of knowledge and skills, validity theory and statistics.

CherylPothDr. Cheryl Poth
Associate Professor
(PhD, Queen's University, 2008)

Research Interests: Classroom assessment; program evaluation; mixed methods research design.

Dr. Sharla King
Assistant Professor & Director, Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC)
(PhD, University of Alberta, 2001)

Research Interests: Interprofessional education and student team interactions, virtual learning communities, blended learning and simulation education.